To Template or not to Template?

Many people ask themselves if they should use a template when they’re designing a website, or if they should design it from scratch. You shouldn’t be asking yourself reasons to use a template, but rather reasons for NOT using a template. In this article I will give you good reasons to start your website using […]

Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades!

I’m currently adding a blogging system to this site. As it was I was using to add and edit the news on this site, but it became too independable. Many times blogger hung while updating through FTP. I’m making the new system with PHP/MySQL. As you may or may not notice, all of the […]

10 Years of PHP!

PHP is the scripting language that powers this site. Much of this website would not be possible if not for PHP. Straight from site: “To everyone that has helped to shape PHP into what it is today; from the people developing the core and extensions, documentors, script developers, bug reporters, beta testers, PHP application […]