Flash and the Scroll Wheel in the Browser

I have built many AS3 flash apps before, but on this one project I needed to enable scrolling with the mouse wheel. I added a flash scrollpane but it would not respond to the mouse wheel. So I tried adding an event listener to the entire stage to see if I could capture any mouse […]

Continuous Site Development

I apologize about not updating the website in three months. When working on everyone else’s website, it’s very easy to neglect your own. With most of my jobs come from sources other than my website, and having time to spend with my family, there is no time or urgent need to constantly work on my […]

Free Website Color Schemer

Picking colors for a website can provide quite a challenge. There are many things to conisder such as the audience you are designing for, the feeling you want to project, and the optimum placement of the colors for best visibility. CoffeeCup Software is offering their Website Color Schemer free for those who link back to […]