Google Photo Recognition

How do you find photos on your computer? I’m pretty sure that most people have at least some rudimentary way of organizing their photos so they can find them at any given time. Despite the ability to organize your photos, it can be time consuming to do so in a way that you could find […]

Spammers Using Captchas

Anti-spam efforts are going to have to use the same tactics the spammers use to bypass filters. Spammers are now using captcha technology to bypass normal spam text filters. As an example, I received a spam captcha e-mail this morning where the spam products were in an image, and the actual text in the e-mail […]

Continuous Site Development

I apologize about not updating the website in three months. When working on everyone else’s website, it’s very easy to neglect your own. With most of my jobs come from sources other than my website, and having time to spend with my family, there is no time or urgent need to constantly work on my […]