EaselJS Touch & Mouse Events

By default an EaselJS canvas does NOT listen for any touch events even if you add an event listener for said events using the EaselJS library.

Moving Files with Windows Server 2008 Task Scheduler

Older versions of Windows would have issues with allowing you to use the UNC path to a file or directory in the command prompt/batch file. The normal fix for this was to create a mapped drive letter to the machine you wanted to access from the dos shell. Windows Server 2008 fixed this, thereby causing […]

Using PageShow To Detect Cached Pages

Recent upgrades in browsers and features has left the page “load” event not reacting like you’d expect anymore. Normally by setting certain metatags in the page and sending cache breaking http headers, you could get the web page to reload with each page view and use the “load” event to initialize the page. Unfortunately this […]