To Template or not to Template?

Many people ask themselves if they should use a template when they’re designing a website, or if they should design it from scratch. You shouldn’t be asking yourself reasons to use a template, but rather reasons for NOT using a template. In this article I will give you good reasons to start your website using a page template. A website template normally consists of a few web pages with most of the layout design of a typical website. You simply duplicate the pages that are provided as much as you want and add in your images, articles, and other content that you want. There is not much you have to do to get your website running.

I’m sure you’ve visited many websites, and found a few that you liked. You’ve probably thought that the sites looked so good that they must have been custom made and cost a lot of money. Actually there is a good chance that most of those sites were created based on a template. In fact, if you look at virtually any website, you could probably see a basic template or layout that those sites had in common.

Why reinvent the wheel? There was an article I’ve read called Website Design Templates: A Web Designers Secret Weapon by Stefan Mischook. Programmers and web designers have done it over and over again. Even pages that they’ve built from scratch end up looking the similar because they know what works.

Most templates are 100% customizable. Since a template gives you a basic layout of what you want, it will speed the development of your site by changing out some of the images or fonts you may or may not like. Its like laying the foundation for a house, then building on it.

Now don’t let me discourage you from creating the newest website style. My point of view is from that of the business owner, or would-be web designer who knows that time is money. Most small businesses or business owners can hardly write html let alone design an entire site from scratch. If you are someone who wants to get into web design, you may find yourself utilizing templates to get a site up fast, and then customizing it to fit your client later.

So in my opinion, website templates are the way to go to jump-start a great website. This is why I recommend Free Website Templates or Template Monster. These template sites provide website templates that are visually stunning, and customizable in any way that you want. Pick the one that best suits your needs and then add your content. Remember that original content is far more important that if your website was built from scratch.