Book Review: Programming Flex 2

The Adobe Flex framework has taken the flash platform and made it more malleable for the web application developer. Flex uses XML and Actionscript 3.0 to rapidly build rich internet applications in the widely accepted SWF format. The Programming Flex 2 book from O’Reilly takes the Flex framework and provides a strong foundation in which […]

Visual Studio 2008 InstallFest

Thanks to Mark Watson, and Chris Koenig I found out about an upcoming developer event, on Dec 5th, where there will be food, drinks, video games, and a free copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for those who install it right there at the InstallFest. Hurry up and register because there’s limited space available. I’ll […]

Google Photo Recognition

How do you find photos on your computer? I’m pretty sure that most people have at least some rudimentary way of organizing their photos so they can find them at any given time. Despite the ability to organize your photos, it can be time consuming to do so in a way that you could find […]