Google Photo Recognition

How do you find photos on your computer? I’m pretty sure that most people have at least some rudimentary way of organizing their photos so they can find them at any given time. Despite the ability to organize your photos, it can be time consuming to do so in a way that you could find exactly what you want, when you want. With the help of Google, it may soon be as easy as just dropping all of your digital photos in one folder, and using a search term to find them.Currently in order to find the image you’re looking for, it must be explicitly tagged or organized by the owner to make it easy to find later. The problem is, however, that most non-professional photographers don’t take the time to file their photos properly. I personally remember for over 20 years, my parents kept an large box of photos they had taken. The photos were not neatly stacked, they looked like they had just been tossed in the box as soon as the prints were made. People are doing the same thing today with their digital photos. Most of the images people are taking just get dumped in one folder, and then later on come back to look at each image just to find one they were looking for.

Google recently assimilated Neven Vision, a company who has apparently developed technology that could be used to change the way we find photos. Google believes that this technology could one day recognize people, places, or things in a photo and match them to a search term. I would imagine that it would work as easy as searching for “red car” and then seeing image results that contain objects that look like a red car or truck. I would imagine that this type of image recognition would be processor intensive as well as requiring an extensive index of objects to refer to when compiling results.

It will interesting to see if Google is able to accomplish the creation of such an application for your home computer and the web.