Flash ScrollPane Mouse Wheel Event

Getting the ScrollPane in flash to work with a mouse wheel can be tricky. It will not allow the mouse wheel to scroll if there is not actual content right underneath the mouse pointer. This can be cumbersome for dynamic content in the pane. To fix this, you can use the following AS3 code to […]

Flash and the Scroll Wheel in the Browser

I have built many AS3 flash apps before, but on this one project I needed to enable scrolling with the mouse wheel. I added a flash scrollpane but it would not respond to the mouse wheel. So I tried adding an event listener to the entire stage to see if I could capture any mouse […]

Javascript Determine Daylight Savings Time

var isDST = function(){ var now = new Date(); var dst_start = new Date(); var dst_end = new Date(); // Set dst start to 2AM 2nd Sunday of March dst_start.setMonth( 2 ); // March dst_start.setDate( 1 ); // 1st dst_start.setHours( 2 ); dst_start.setMinutes( 0 ); dst_start.setSeconds( 0 ); // 2AM // Need to be on […]