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screenshot of Air BrowserI’ve been playing with Flex and Adobe Air for a while now, and I’ve wanted to test the abilities of the Air HTML component for future projects. So I built my own mini Air Web Browser.

During the Air beta the mx:HTML component didn’t do javascript very well, and it didn’t do flash at all, from what I could remember. I created a simple little browser with Adobe Flex Builder 3 and the latest Adobe Air SDK. It runs embedded Flash/swf great, and does well with javascript. I tested the javascript abilities with prototype and some custom functions. You’re more than welcome to play with it and make changes.




16 thoughts on “Adobe Air Web Browser”

  1. is there a way altar the opacity of the entire browser, and its contents? If you can add this feature, I would be so very greatful :)

  2. great app
    How can i open a new link(which present on the opened page in a browser) in a tab?

  3. Have you had any success getting audio files (like wav or mp3) that are referred to via an embed tag to run in the browser? I can get YouTube pages to render and play fine but I’m stumped how to get audio files to run. Any tips?

  4. I don’t think the HTML5 audio tag will work, but you should be able to use some flash-based audio player in your html. You could also script something with AS3 Sound and SoundChannel to load and play the audio.

  5. Thanks for the code, I’m trying to explore the power of html control on flex 3 api and this sample will help me a lot.

  6. Is there a way we can open a new window by clicking a link on a web-page. Something to the order of ?

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